Mr. Mohed Altrad in Vinotel


When Mohed Altrad moved to France from Syria 46 years ago, he did not speak French and survived on one meal a day. Now he heads Montpellier-based Altrad Group, one of the world`s leading manufacturers. He wrote book, about how he has reached successes. Book has become bestseller immediately. It was translated into a lot of languages including Georgian. Actually this is reason of visiting in Georgia. 
Georgian Ministry of Economy organized dinner party in restaurant Vinotel for Mr. Mohed Altrad. He was impressed and left very kind comment about Georgian culture and people. Also he was amazed about Vinotel hotel and wine cellar, where he tasted wines:

"This day I met wonderful people, other businessmen... all of them become friends of mine and I am sincerely proud. They love their country, this is obvious. They are the people I would like to keep both in my mind and heart"
Mohed Altrad
Mar. 2016


Evelin Bledans


"Спасибо за счастье бытия. Вино, разговоры. Хачапури и ребрышко барашка. Воздух и атмосфера любви. Все это здесь!!!"

Evelin Bledans famous artist from Tv show Maski show


"BitFury Group"


The Vinotel Gala Dinner for "BitFury Group" was held after the presentation of the high-speed and efficient chip in the world " 16nm ASIC" Vinotel made gala dinner 1for members of the "BitFury Group". “BitFury Group” representatives were fascinated by our hospitality and left a couple of good reviews: "We are grateful for the excellent hosting our guests from the USA, Switzerland and Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. It was the best! We never forget this evening!" Anna Minets - Head of HR BItFury "Thanks for the hospitality and warm welcome! I am always happy to return to your hotel! The atmosphere of the hotel is in Georgian hospitable soul style. Thank you for your wine!" Valery Vavilov - Company founder